Dolphin watching is mush like fishing

Most visitors to Lovina beach in Buleleng, in the northerm part of Bali, are there for the dolphins. Tourist gererally make the trip out to the beach in June, July or August, when the weather is good and the waters blue and clear.

There are than 200 dolphin spotting guide guide in Kaliasem Village and Kalibukbuk Village near Lovina beach. During break season, nearly all of them are busy taking tourists on trips out to sea. The best time for dolphin spotting is about, so tourists are advised to turn up at about 5.45 am, before sunrise Dolphin watching is mush like fishing in that if one is lucky they will get a ”big catch” and see the dolphins up close, but if they are not, the will go home ”empty-handed”, without seeing so much as a fin.