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Welcome to Dolphin Boat Lovina! We offer a range of exciting marine adventures in Lovina, Bali, designed to provide unforgettable experiences with the region’s natural beauty and marine life. Enjoy the enchanting experience of swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat or observe these playful creatures as they grace the waters of Lovina. Combine the thrill of dolphin watching with snorkeling to explore vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine species. Relax and soak in the stunning sunset over Lovina’s tranquil waters. For your convenience, we offer pick-up services from South Bali, ensuring a hassle-free journey to your adventure. Experience the joy of fishing in Lovina’s rich waters with our fun-filled fishing tours.

Our knowledgeable guides ensure your safety and provide valuable insights about the marine environment. We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices and personalized service to make your adventure memorable. Join Dolphin Boat Lovina for an unforgettable journey. Visit to learn more and book your tour today!


Dolphin Tour Lovina Only Start From
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 Mask and Snorkel

  Diving Safety

 Mineral Water

 Life Jacket

We Are Verry Happy to Assist You

Our team will text you soon after you contact us, we will assist you 24/7

Why You Should Traveling with Dolphin Boat Lovina?

Knowledgeable Boat Captain

The captain has experience exploring the sea off of Lovina. Since he was a little child till today, he has lived at sea in Lovina. Made Jody is eager to help you and is very kind.

Amazing Journey

By traveling to fascinating tourist sites where you will be surprised to observe them, you can obtain dolphin watching tour services in Lovina.This journey lasts two to three hours and begins about 6:00 in the morning.

Safe Sailing Boat

You will enjoy spending your holiday with us because we have boats that are secure, cozy, and completely furnished with secure sailing gear.

Free Pick Up

We also offer free pickup for those of you who live more than 1000 meters from the Lovina area.